Crypto Trading Platform

Trade cryptocurrencies like a pro on a secure and audited platform.

Enjoy deep liquidity and tight spreads on all pairs.

Great choice of trading opportunities

20+ assets

Cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets.

50+ pairs

Assets are traded against USDC, BTC, ETH and BMC.

TON Grams

Starting right from Telegram Open Network mainnet launch.

Basic tools

Market Order
Your order will be immediately executed after the placement against the best price in the order book.
Limit Order
Place your order at the desired price. The order will be executed as soon as your price matches the market price.
Stop Order
Place a stop order to lock in your profits or limit potential losses. Once the market price reaches the stop price, a predefined market order is executed.

Advanced features

Market Range

Limit the impact of your market order by setting a price range.

Configurable Interface

Tweak the interface as you wish. Select theme, language, open several charts on one screen, save multiple layouts and much more.

Order Expiration

Place flexible orders with predefined lifetime.

Multifunctional charts

Monitor and manage your orders right from the chart.


Easily track desired trading pairs with customizable watchlists.