Investment Products

Bringing blockchain to the asset management industry.
Giving investors access to the performance of high end tokenized investment portfolios, investing in traditional fiat and crypto world
Asset Tokens

Asset Tokens enable investors to obtain access to the performance of a wide variety of hedge funds, ETFs and dedicated investment strategies available on the Blackmoon platform. Blackmoon cooperates with the best asset managers to meet the demand for professionally managed investment vehicles that invest in fiat and crypto assets depending on their investment policy.

Blackmoon closely monitors asset managers during the onboarding process to ensure that only those with the best teams, proven track record, and solid investment policy join the platform.

Benefits of tokenization

Blackmoon makes application of the blockchain to the asset management a reality. Blackmoon is a one-stop solution for fund managers to tokenize their investment funds in a compliant way.

Transparency, Proof-of-Ownership, Price Discovery, and Transferability are all structured as investor protections and easily enabled by the blockchain technology. All these required items for an efficient marketplace become available with tokenization.

Blackmoon not only provides a platform for a wide spectrum of investment opportunities but also creates new trading, arbitrage and liquidity possibilities for the financial instruments.