About the Platform

The Blackmoon Platform focuses on all aspects of tokenized investment vehicles, from technology and infrastructure to legal compliance and corporate structuring
Blackmoon Platform
Blackmoon platform offers a set of technologies, techniques, interfaces, know-how, legal frameworks, and partnerships with banks and other licensed parties in the financial market
Framework of the Blackmoon Platform and the distribution of Asset Tokens
Sources of Assets

Hedge Funds, Brokers, Asset Managers

Investors in Asset tokens
Type 1
Asset 1-A
Asset 1-B
Token Issuer 1
Token 1-A
Token 1-B
Type 2
Asset 2-A
Asset 2-B
Token Issuer 2
Token 2-A
Token 2-B
Type N
Asset N-A
Asset N-B
Token Issuer N
Token N-A
Token N-B

The Structure

Compliant with applicable laws, each underlying investment asset is purchased by a respective Token Issuer
The Token Issuer buys / sells asset tokens to Investors at a price based on the value of the underlying asset
Blackmoon cooperates with Partners (FKA Continuous Contributors), including asset managers, advisors, promoters etc. and shares the platform’s fees with them

Investment Products

Tokenized assets managed by professional investment teams

For Investors

Invest in tokens linked to performance of investment portfolios

For Asset Managers

A seamless way to tokenize investment portfolios

Asset Token Contracts

Asset Token contracts are created on Ethereum blockchain and govern all main aspects of the distribution and circulation of asset tokens, including white lists of verified users, transaction and geographical limits, fees etc.

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