Blackmoon offers a simplified way to raise capital and provide liquidity for equity – through a security token offering (STO).

The Importance of Proper Funding

As a pioneer in venture capital, alternative funding, and asset tokenization, Blackmoon understands the importance of proper funding in the development of a project. A common struggle for private companies is the search for investment capital and provision of liquidity to stakeholders. Traditional equity offerings involve complex and lengthy regulatory processes involving numerous parties (lawyers, underwriters, advisors etc) and heavy initial and ongoing expenses.

What is an STO?

Security Tokens are a class of blockchain-based assets that function and behave similar to traditional securities. They are tradable assets and represent an equity share in the company. Security Token Offerings (STOs) are functionally very similar to private equity offerings and allow the companies to raise capital without going public. STOs conducted through Blackmoon are done in full compliance with the applicable regulatory and AML requirements.


Advantages of the STO

  • Transferability and tradability of tokens
  • Increased liquidity on equity
  • Simplified, global access to capital
  • Access both fiat and crypto investors
  • Market valuation of the company
  • Increased transparency and security
  • Proof of ownership for stakeholders
  • Direct access to the investor base
  • Simplified investors’ management, etc.

Why Blackmoon?

The STO process grants companies and investment funds the ability to raise capital from investors in a traditionally compliant manner while benefiting from the advantages provided by blockchain ecosystems, including:

  • Initial analysis of the company structure and offering
  • Preparation of the private placement memorandum, investment agreements and related documents;
  • Investor onboarding in line with the EU AML / KYC requirements
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Design and implementation of smart contracts
  • Preparation and design of promotion materials
  • Marketing campaign
  • Safekeeping of virtual financial assets
  • Providing post-STO support, including by advising our clients on secondary trading issues, subsequent usage of tokens
  • Inclusion into aggregated portfolios that act as an inherent liquidity provision, as well as a marketing tool
  • Co-Branded portfolios between Blackmoon and other exchanges, expose your STO globally to other jurisdictions and liquidity pools that would otherwise not be accessible to you.
  • and most importantly, An Exchange for trading the equity tokens post-issuance


Blackmoon provides a platform for investors to trade their tokens against major cryptocurrencies, stable coins and fiat currencies

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